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Date: 09/09/02
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Nick -

Regarding "brands" - legally speaking, you'll need to contact KDDI/AU,
Vodaphone/J-Sky and NTT DoCoMo/i-mode to obtain the rights and
permission to post their brands on your site. If you are able to obtain
their permission and rights, you will most be supplied source EPS, and
or Adobe Illustrator files for your usage.

Otherwise - it is totally up to your own discretion. Speaking from
experience - the difficult part of obtaining brand usage rights is
you'll need contacts within each company to make headway.

Regarding transitioning your content form grey application development,
to "official" status - each company has their own guidelines and
application processes. See each of the respective sites for further
information. You'll most likely need to submit your application in

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What exactly can one use in the way of logos on a website or advert  to
show a site is imode, j-phone and ezeweb compatible. I assume one can
the words themselves,but if one tries to go for a similar
in each case to the branding of those companies, is that ok? Can one
for example, the red J inside a circle that j-phone use, or the fat
'i' of imode?

What is permitted speaking strictly?

What is commonly getawayable with?

What do others do? 


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