(keitai-l) Re: Byte Code Verifier on Emulators Vs. on Devices

From: Paul Bryan Lester <pbl1_at_livedoor.com>
Date: 09/14/02
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    Hi Sanjay;

        Welcome to the real world.  I've never used an emulator
of anything that emulated properly.....  Sorry to be so short.

    Main problem is the makers of the emulators and the makers of the
real devices are usually not allowed to share info (the code).

Sanjay Chadha wrote:

> Byte code verifiers seem to be different on mobile devices and the
> emulators. Programs which pass verification in midp103 and actually run on
> emulators fail verification on mobile devices such as Motorola's i85s,
> i95cl.
> Any clues on why is a difference and from where can we find the differences?
> Should not the applications which pass SUN's byte code verification pass the
> verification on the mobile devices?
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