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From: Mark Frieser <mark_at_consect.com>
Date: 09/27/02
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Firstly, thank you everyone for the clarification of the exact fees that
DoCoMo splits with the content provider.

In Britain? I think that what you are referring to Paul is something called
the Vertical Blanking Interval, which is a small space in the transmission
of terrestrial broadcast where many companies have experimented with
delivery of text and interactive elements through the years.  I'm not
exactly sure (it's been a long time) how the uplinks work - perhaps via
modem or a transmitter - but there have been some forms of interactivity
using the VBI.

Either that, or you're referring to teletext, but that's not truly
interactive, just a calling up of pages... Perhaps it has some rudimentary
activity, but most of teletext is calling up pages...

And, in terms of SMS being used for personals/dating - there are many, many
services along the lines you've described.

On 9/26/02 21:09, "Paul Lester" <paul_lester@lincmedia.co.jp> wrote:

>   I like this discussion....
>   I remember hearing that in Britain they have had some kind of interactive
> TV for years... long before SMS.  Some kind of extra screen??
> That startled me.
> Also on the other side TV polls by telephone for tallys are also very popular
> in the US.
> (Talk shows.... CNBC etc)
> But these things just haven't caught on in Japan which is why they are not
> here.  We got some weirder mobile stuff here.  Like they used to have this
> date detector thing.... really weird... where you detect if someone else has
> the
> same device nearby set to the opposite sex.
>   It makes sense that SMS could be used for these things as well.
> (So could email ... or beepers ... or anything).
>   We're definitely talking more culture here than technology.
>   Also dc mentioned something about korean multi player games.
> "korea KTF have some multiplayer game services"
>   Last I heard of Lord British is that after he split with Origin he went off
> to Korea to program some kind of multi player game.  Is he involved with this?
> Anyone know?  We could use a programmer like him.
> Mark Frieser wrote:
>> Yes, content providers get 91% of packet switched charges, mobile operators
>> get the balance.
>> On 26-09-2002 10:42, "Paul Hardy" <pjh@bushcat.com> wrote:
>>> Is your comment below accurate? Do content providers get a percentage of
>>> the packet charges?
>>>> In Japan, obviously, the system for the development and
>>>> dissemination of content is much more tightly controlled by
>>>> the mobile operators, and the model for the most part is
>>>> packet-switched charges split between content provider and
>>>> telco, with a good degree of premium rate and subscription
>>>> services in the mix.
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