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From: Jay <wirelessjava_at_yahoo.com>
Date: 10/05/02
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I heard from a press release that Double Click was charging banner ads on I-mode sites.   I am still puzzled if they are still doing that type of banner ads on some i-mode devices.   
I wanted to understand how they calculated hits and how they charged for each impression??????
 James Santagata wrote:
At 11:25 AM 10/4/02 +0900, you wrote:

>What services are available to do audited hit counting on imode sites?
>Obviously one can throw stats into a database, but I am looking for

It depends on what you want to accomplish with the auditing. Is the
audit for advertising impressions, setting advertising rates, tracking
usage for content billing/settlement among users/publishers/owners?

You also mentioned tracking "hits", but I wonder if you are referring to hits
or pageviews. If an html page is comprised of 5 objects, say 3 jpgs and
2 gifs, then every time the html page is loaded (assuming no-caching
is involved) you would record 6 hits (1 for the html page, 5 for the objects
referenced by the html page) and 1 pageview. Since many typical
html pages contain numerous objects, it is possible that your hits to
pageview ratio could be an order of magnitude higher, depending on
caching, partial page loads and the typical page compositions.

>something third party. I guess the page would have to include a tiny (1x1)

Yes, most likely it will include a virtual 1 pixel image. Using the
virtual 1 pixel image enables what we term CacheBursting to eliminate
or at least severely mitigate caching undercount issues.

>Any companies out there doing this?

Hit me off list, we can probably help you out.


James Santagata

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