(keitai-l) kddi emulator heap size setting

From: Colin Mack <colin_at_b-factory.co.jp>
Date: 10/10/02
Message-Id: <3BBD9510-DC44-11D6-ABEF-0003934BD90C@b-factory.co.jp>
A question regarding running ezplus applications with the emujava.exe 
emulator that kddi supplies with the SDK:

Does anyone out there know how to adjust the heap size for the 
emulator? I am running out of memory on the emulator when the actual au 
handsets we have still have a few hundred k to spare.

I would have thought it would be in one of the 3 .profile files, but I 
don't see a setting in any of them. Anyone know how to do it? Any 
pointers to where I might find this info?


Received on Thu Oct 10 14:44:15 2002