(keitai-l) FW: Woman Stuns Train Groper with Electric Gun and films with video phone!

From: dc <dc_at_gamelet.com>
Date: 10/31/02
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but the story doesn't say which type of phone she used!

  Sign of the Times
    Woman Stuns Train Groper with Electric Gun
    Mainichi Shimbun, Aug. 24
    YOKOHAMA -- An 18-year-old woman armed with an electric stun gun and a
micro camera attached to her cellular phone successfully nabbed a groper on
a train and handed him over to station workers, police said Saturday.
Hiroshi Morooka, a 38-year-old company employee from Yokohama's Totsuka-ku,
told police that after he groped his victim she pulled out a "stun device"
and threatened to give him an electrical shock. "I knew it was all over the
moment she whipped the thing out," Morooka was quoted by officers as saying.
Morooka was feeling up the woman's body on a JR train running between
Yokohama and Totsuka stations at about 9 p.m. on Thursday, so she started
filming his actions with a camera attached to her mobile phone, Totsuka
Police Station officers said.
    ... Note to would-be Chikan (gropers): Watch out for keitai-toting
victims. They'll whup ya every time! While this case is obviously an example
of how camera phones can help, I wonder what this says about privacy when a
photo of anyone, anywhere can be taken and zipped up to a Web site in no
time flat by anyone with a celly.

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