(keitai-l) Flash-Clie-Hawaii

From: Christopher Kobayashi <chriskk_at_pixi.com>
Date: 11/05/02
Message-ID: <[email protected]>
Pretty kewl stuff with Flash - Clie - Hawaii

Flash on Sony's Clie

I think this is a demo of Flash on Clie ... but not sure. (site's in
Sony's looking for people to use their trial system .. probably only for
Japanese tourists.
Basically, it's a Clie connected to GPS. Using GPS .. the Clie will tell
Japanese tourists how to get somewhere in Hawaii. Example .. you're at
Hotel A in Waikiki and you want to goto Shop A. Seems like the
Clie-Flash system will map your route. Looks pretty kewl. I heard that
the GPS will eat through the battery really quickly.

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