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Date: 11/14/02
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Just a remark, nothing to do with expensive MMS, but on i-mode :
I think that with some phones of Docomo you can edit your pictures like
in a purikura (print club), with hearts, flowers, cuts in the pics,
animations :

just for information

tout sur l'i-mode en Europe: http://www.i-mood.net=20

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FableFlow and Image Semantics have recently joined forces to offer the
market an innovative handset image manipulation application.

A camera phone user sends a picture to the service, and this is enhanced
real time to reflect current events and feelings before being forwarded
the recipient in a branded and personalized MMS with appropriate sound
added. Fun examples include:

=95Devil=92s horns superimposed on a headshot, with the caption =93Horny
=95Valentines Day greeting where a heart-shaped frame is added around =
=95Christmas card where a Father Christmas hat and beard is superimposed
the person in the picture.

The service applies personalized templates based on service and
personalization criteria when formatting the receivers MMS. For
the =91Valentines service=92 can add a =91Happy Valentines=92 slide with =
a happy
tune before the main slide with the heart shaped image around the
image appears.

The service is simply to use for the end user. A processing request is
simply matched to the service code that was dialled ('1234' means for
example, =91insert devil horns=92). Alternatively, the processing can =
specified by keywords in the message, such as =91devil=92.

The service is provided using the Image Semantics FunFaces image
engine, and this is closely integrated with the FableFlow MMS receiving,
formatting and dispatching engine.

Please get in contact for further information.

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> > Hello,
> >
> > Has anyone come across handset image manipulation
> applications? Are
> > services springing up for people who want to futz
> with the images they
> > shoot? I'm not sure if this is a silly idea on a
> handset (Photoshop in
> > your hand) or what.
> >
> > -Doug
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> >
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