(keitai-l) automotive bluetooth initiative

Date: 12/18/02
Message-Id: <204629067TDN@TDN.TelDa.Net>
what do you think about this?


In short, it says that Toyota, Denso, NTT 
DoCoMo, Matsushita, Nissan, and Toshiba 
have defined a Bluetooth wireless hands-free 
specification to be applied inside 
automobiles, plus some devices on the 
This is more about hands-free operation of 
mobile phones in the car, not about additional 
data services etc.

This kind of contradicts the general 
"tiredness" with Bluetooth i have experienced 
in Japan.

So... is there a chance for Bluetooth in the long 
run, or is this initiative just chasing a dream, 
or trying a final attempt to push an already 
dead technology?

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