(keitai-l) Spam on DoCoMo

From: Dirk Rösler <dirkSPAM_at_tkm.att.ne.jp>
Date: 01/20/03
Message-Id: <[email protected]>
Hi list,

what can I do about it apart from changing my address? Someone told me 
there was some sort of user-configurable filter somewhere out there, is 
this true? E.g. I'd just set it up to allow people in address book. I 
am getting 20-30 mails daily now after having the phone for less than 6 
months and the (changed) address has never been published... crazy 
really. Given the 50 mail storage limit this is a real problem, it'll 
be exhausted in 3 days max. Phone is a 503i.

Anyone familiar with the inner workings of this?

Thanks and regards

Received on Mon Jan 20 03:22:52 2003