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From: Johan Bengtsson <johan_at_doberman.se>
Date: 02/19/03
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What I'm talking about when I mean 'news' is photo+text that is relevant
to your fotball team/club, the 3000-4000 people in you village or all of
your friends. The number of personal homepages have increased quite
rapidly and most of the time they're of interest to a very limited
number of people.

I don't think you should compare with Mac & DTP since that is way to
complicated and not nearly as simple as taking your camera phone and
point, click, put in text and send to specific number that automatically
publishes on your personal site. Or on a site that pays a reward for MMS
of the day.=20

So what I'm proposing is closer to what Apple is doing and less what BBC
is doing.


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> What you naive dreamers don't realise is that while everyone is=20
> becoming technically able to publish, that doesn't mean that=20
> everything=20
> will qualify for publishing. As the example of Mac & DTP:=20
> Yes, everyone=20
> can do graphics now, like everyone can do web pages, but most of the=20
> time DIY jobs are dull and ugly. Thus it's left to the pros. Besides=20
> WHY should I visit that site/view those photos etc, unless I know you=20
> or we share some niche interest and you are really relevant to it?
> As for the radio (you misunderstood the point by the way:=20
> that if there=20
> is an event you could use the phone as on-site microphone and=20
> cover the=20
> event live - great newscasting, ha ha), like the above, yes,=20
> anyone can=20
> do radio, Internet radio (we're talking net stuff, aren't we). So why=20
> are so few people doing it? Well, because it is quite hard and often=20
> involves more than playing one song after another. The same goes for=20
> any publishing.
> What do you mean by "drive the cost down"? Rubbish, it is=20
> more or less=20
> free already! So what? OK, so no expense except my time, I=20
> must be very=20
> profitable right? How exactly am I getting paid back? In fact=20
> the more=20
> visitors I get the higher my expenses (need more bandwidth, better=20
> hardware etc). I still don't get it, mate.
> I have done photography for a few years professionally (not news=20
> though), and while a good amateur can technically produce an equal of=20
> not a better result than a pro, it doesn't mean that the pros run out=20
> of work, simply because it takes a lot of other skills to get results=20
> that sells (hint: it's not just the photograph, but the "services"=20
> around it).
> One very reasonable way to approach this is "micro-publishing", is to=20
> provide means i.e. services to turn crap into gold, like=20
> Apple enables=20
> their customers to do. Put in your snaps, let's say relevant only to=20
> family and friends, not of interest to anybody else and with a few=20
> clicks produce a good looking web page, a DVD etc. Everyone's happy,=20
> who cares that the world doesn't want to see it. Now charge $1 for=20
> doing a really cool photo album. The world is waiting for such=20
> services. We need tools, not more raw materials!
> But don't try telling me that picture editors are waiting for all the=20
> great pics from mobile snappers to come in, and we will get=20
> "better and=20
> more news".
> I am sure there is a porn angle to all this, which probably works=20
> despite all that I have said above ;-)
> Dirk
> On Tuesday, Feb 18, 2003, at 17:55 Asia/Tokyo, Johan Bengtsson wrote:
> >
> >
> > I agree with Erik, here's why:
> >
> > If you drive down the cost and trouble of instant=20
> publication of news,=20
> > more people will be able to publish things that they think are=20
> > newsworthy. Look at Bloggs for example. Now think mobile=20
> bloggs with=20
> > photos.
> >
> > If you drive down the cost and trouble of publishing a=20
> photo you also=20
> > drive down the number of viewers that you think needs to see it in=20
> > order for you to go through the trouble of doing it. Therefor, more=20
> > photos from more events will be published since there=20
> indeed is more=20
> > relevant news.=3D20
> >
> > And why hasn't this hit radio you ask. Well everyone can't start a
> > radio
> > station but everyone can have a Blogg.
> >
> > /Johan
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