(keitai-l) invoke i-Appli by mail

From: Nishant Gupta <nishant_at_hottolink.co.jp>
Date: 02/20/03
Message-ID: <[email protected]>
Hi all,

I understand that 504 models allows the invocation of i-Appli by email. There is some parameter "LaunchByMail" in ASF Configurations.

What I understand from the japanese document is that this can have 2 kind of values, 1) is the email address From: who sent the mail
2) we can specify keyword "any" which will invoke the iAppli from any mail

What does this launch by mail means? 
Does this mean that on receiving the e-mail from some abc@ xyz.com the i-Appli will be automatically launched.
or do we have to provide some link inside the mail, which the user needs to click?

Do we need to set some parameters/settings on the mobile phones as a user also?

Also, is this functionality supported by all 504 models or some specific models ... P or N or... ?

Thanks a lot for any help/pointers.

Hottolink Inc.
Received on Thu Feb 20 09:16:29 2003