(keitai-l) Re: [interesting] camera phone usage by kids

From: Dirk Rösler <dirkREMOVE_at_tkm.att.ne.jp>
Date: 03/12/03
Message-Id: <FEBFA9B2-545B-11D7-912E-0030654492C6@tkm.att.ne.jp>
No problem, just unfold the Pachinko Parlour background poster that 
comes with the sound box ;-)

Where can you buy those sound things? Any other flavours?


On Wednesday, Mar 12, 2003, at 16:01 Asia/Tokyo, Stuart Woodward wrote:

> I wonder if anyone has been calling their spouse with the Pachinko 
> sound
> effect keychain playing in the background (yes, these are available for
> sale) and have been asked for a photo prove that they are in the
> Pachinko Parlour...
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