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Date: 04/01/03
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Agree with your analysis that group call services could be a success (like
the chatboxes behind premium numbers) but this is not related to 3G.

Group calls are also available at many 2G GSM operators in Europe. Never a
big success but that is mainly due to the charging method: normal call
charges just add up for each participant instead of providing a special
rate for te entire group. The same goes for group SMS. Also, the group
calls have been marketed only to business users while I think that
consumers are another attractive target group for such services.

Alexis Bartelds

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Was just reviewing the new 'Three' 3G service from Hutchison, out now in
UK and i think Italy is following shorly. Obviously Hutchison is not hiding
the fact the fact that is a third generation services - wonder how it will
take off amidst the i-mode and V- Live services.

I noticed 'group calls' is an option on the Three handsets, ie have
conference call like opportunities. (up to 5 people simultaneously). See
Does anyone know if this is possible with any of the 3G services in Japan?

*IF* i'd have to bet on there being any 3G killer app, my pick would be
these group calls. It seems all historical killer apps (SMS, email,
messaging) have always been about communication and contact and i see group
calls fit into this perfectly. Of course some people might say phone calls
are private conversations (ie 1-to-1) but i can imagine lot's of
opportunities (both business and private) where people would like to chat
Thoughts anyone?

- Richard Tee

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