(keitai-l) Re: Group calls - 3G killer app?

From: Simon Grice <simon_at_etribes.com>
Date: 04/01/03
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Subject: (keitai-l) Group calls - 3G killer app?

> Was just reviewing the new 'Three' 3G service from Hutchison, out now in
> UK and i think Italy is following shorly. Obviously Hutchison is not
> the fact the fact that is a third generation services - wonder how it will
> take off amidst the i-mode and V- Live services.
> I noticed 'group calls' is an option on the Three handsets, ie have
> conference call like opportunities. (up to 5 people simultaneously). See
> http://www.three.co.uk/explore/services3/detailVoice.omp?cid=1048167332066
> Does anyone know if this is possible with any of the 3G services in Japan?
> *IF* i'd have to bet on there being any 3G killer app, my pick would be
> these group calls. It seems all historical killer apps (SMS, email,
> messaging) have always been about communication and contact and i see
> calls fit into this perfectly. Of course some people might say phone calls
> are private conversations (ie 1-to-1) but i can imagine lot's of
> opportunities (both business and private) where people would like to chat
> groups.
> Thoughts anyone?
> - Richard Tee
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