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If you go here


You have a resume for someone who professes to currently work for the
silicon valley operation.=20

Seems they do messaging as this is what he say's he does.

Feb '02 - current Gemini Mobile Technologies, Foster City CA=20
Software Engineer, Messaging technology

He has a contact email on his resume maybe he can offer more  =20

Cheers Jon
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Yes, I should have mentioned their home page, but as it has so little
information I skipped that.  They also have an office and developers in
Silicon Valley, which is how they came to my attention.  If anyone has
any insight into what the company is building or what segment they
represent, your help would be greatly appreciated.


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> > Does anyone know anything about this company?  I found 2 listings
> yes, this company exists: http://geminimobile.com/ and have their=20
> office in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan.
> They are just too busy to care about a homepage.
> Juergen
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