(keitai-l) Re: Blocked By Ezweb

From: Dirk Rösler <dirkREMOVE_at_tkm.att.ne.jp>
Date: 04/18/03
Message-Id: <9D11A574-7139-11D7-A7D2-0030654492C6@tkm.att.ne.jp>
On Thursday, Apr 17, 2003, at 18:57 Asia/Tokyo, Juergen Specht wrote:

> I assume you have a static IP? Pretty much all dynamic IPs are
> now blocked by default.

I'd be curious to learn how you would spot a dynamic address. I don't 
think it is possible.

You could do a reverse name lookup and if something like 
pool343.tokyo-3dsl.att.ne.jp comes up it could indicate a user IP, but 
that's far too unreliable.

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