(keitai-l) Re: Blocked By Ezweb

From: Darren Cook <darren_at_dcook.org>
Date: 04/18/03
Message-ID: <[email protected]>
>>I'd be curious to learn how you would spot a dynamic address. I
>>don't think it is possible.
>>You could do a reverse name lookup and if something like
>>pool343.tokyo-3dsl.att.ne.jp comes up it could indicate a user IP, but
>>that's far too unreliable.

Spam blocking by Docomo in particular, but also J-phone and now it seems 
ezweb is very crude, blocking whole IP blocks when in doubt. No waiting for 
someone to try sending large amounts of mail (let alone stuff that is 
genuinally spam). No (AFAIK) way to complain and have an IP address enabled.

The major factor in personally switching from docomo to j-phone last year 
was that Docomo were blocking my static IP address (*) so my server 
monitoring emails to notify me when a server went down were not getting through.

I believe Docomo now allow you to buy preferred access to their mail 
servers, so maybe their aim is to eventually shut everyone else out.


*: Single IP address from Biglobe. J-phone works.
Received on Fri Apr 18 06:09:29 2003