(keitai-l) Re: J-SH53 announced on 4/24

From: Ken Chang <kench_at_hotmail.com>
Date: 04/27/03
Message-ID: <Law8-F83dgUWr81nn9R000011f7@hotmail.com>
hi Giovanni,

SH53 has an SD slot and can do MP3/WMA audio (SRS Labs) as old models.
I have no knowledge of the hardware design.  tests show that handsets
with similar hardware and OS can perform quite differently.

overhead processing of Web and mail, appli loading and execution, and
graphics speed are the three key benchmarks.  some DoCoMo handsets,
P504iS, F504iS, and F2051 surpassed the high standard set by J-Phone,
and I'm very interested in what Sharp can bring us with the new SH53.

I believe Web, mail, multimedia, and Java should be well integrated,
or at least share resources as much as possible for the mobile phones.
whether they should be called OS ... that's the question.

regarding user interface, my perception is anyone will have problem
moving from one manufacturer to another?  I haven't used the newest
Nokia handsets yet.



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Received on Sun Apr 27 12:18:14 2003