(keitai-l) Re: java telephones

From: Juergen Specht <js_at_nooper.com>
Date: 05/08/03
Message-ID: <1821196639.20030508142941@nooper.com>
> Actually, someone else said that on this list, but I don't have a copy
> any more, and the archives have not been updated in a while.

That's right, keita.k <keita@ml.ksn.to> wrote May 7th:

> 505i series embedded Flash(Macromedia Flash Lite for DoCoMo) cannot
> access any networks. because it does not implemented LoadMovie and
> LoadVariables functions.

I guess that some people who know for sure are under NDA until the
phones appear. Since there will be huge mobile related event at
the 20th, I guess latest then we know.

Yeah, Mika, what's up with the archives?

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