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Date: 05/08/03
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Now China Mobile, which is the largest in the Asia, has launch the wap
service from Sep. last year, and now the number of  the commercial users
has reached 2 millions.=20
also it use the WAP Push to promote the service to there users.=20

Morgan Lin=20

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WAP Push is a powerful way to order rich content through SMS. The
customer experience is similar to that of ordering SMS content.=20

Read the product code and short code (the number where you have to send
the SMS to) from a website or magazine. These advertisements also show
you if your phone is supported or not. Send the SMS and you receive an
SMS or WAP Push message. Click on the URL and you receive the content.=20

Usually you order this content for your own phone and you do not have to
bother if the recipient's phone supports clickable embedded URLs in SMS.

The European market is much more event based than the Japanese that
tends to be subscription based. The customers are already used to
ordering content through SMS, so the next step is ordering it through
SMS/WAP Push and then MMS. A different evolutionary path that in the Far

The ARPU numbers for data services for European carriers are between
10-15%. The SMS model is therefore quite good for both content providers
and carriers.=20

Arjen van Blokland

> yes, big issue, japan vs europe.
> my understanding - from a distance - is that a lot of the more recent=20
> phones support WAP bookmarks being sent by sms (wap push maybe). this=20
> is how people are selling java games. you pay for a premium sms and=20
> get back a 'bookmark' (which is basically a clickable link) to go DL=20
> the game.
> it seems like a non-standard thing tho, supported phone by phone, and=20
> you never know what phone you are sending to. with MMS there is a back

> and forth device-caps discovery loop.
> Can anyone recommend a list like keitai-L for European Qs like this?=20
> (hey, and i guess there are at least 5 ppl in the US who have sent an=20
> SMS now too)
> >=20
> > Is it possible to connect to a mobile internet page from an SMS
> message? My
> > understanding is that one cannot connect to a mobile internet home
> page by
> > simply clicking on a URL that is inside an SMS. Will this change in=20
> > the
> > near future with improved versions of SMS or MMS? Or is there a way
> > modify next generation European phones so that a URL can be
> > from an SMS message to a browser? For those with development
> > please contact me off line.
> > Jeff Funk
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