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From: Nick May <nick_at_kyushu.com>
Date: 05/23/03
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I know there are various operator run services that do this in Japan - but
are there any indie services?

I assume the police would not have to go to all the bother of getting the
victim's permission first.


from NTK  

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         ONLINE. This Dutch business-oriented service was introduced
         a month ago to the UK. It's a pay-as-you-go site that lets
         companies instantly locate their employees' mobile phones,
         to a granularity of the nearest cell (ie 50m in urban
         areas). Positioning costs 25p a shot. Here's the real
         gimmick, though: you can sign up yourself, and then add any
         mobile phone you'd like to be geolocated. Oh sure, your
         victim will get an initial "Do you want to be tracked?"
         opt-in message, and then another in two weeks. But think of
         all the phones you can get physical access to long enough to
         say yes to that original text. Friends! Spouses! Potential
         stalking fodder! And what you could do in two weeks.
         Supposing you're a burgling elf: you could nick that phone,
         sign it up, give it back, find out where they live via the
         geolocator. And then *find out when they're out*! It's a
         RISKS Digest all of its own!
              - that'll give the geourl people something to play with

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