(keitai-l) Re: Usability on Japanese phones

From: Jonas Petersson <zap_at_xms.se>
Date: 06/14/03
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Johan Bengtsson wrote:
> > For instance, new Nokia's with Symbian are so difficult to
> > understand that it takes lot's of time to even send a single
> > SMS, not to speak of MMS.
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> Interesting. The Nokia 7650 with Symbian 60 is the best phone I've ever=

> had for SMS. MMSing is also a joy on that handset (with the exception
> that it does not support SMIL).

I would tend to mostly disagree. Although I prefer Nokias, I can't
really say that Symbian is making them more usesable. In my case, I've
used the Nokia 9110 (GEOS) ever since it came out, I had great hopes for
the 9210 (Symbian), but when it was brand new the stability was just
horrible, so I kept my 9110 for over a year anyway. When they refused to
repair my 9110 I got the 9210 upgraded and it was OKish - I now only
need to reboot it about once a week (the 9110 would go in for months).
Still, the 9210 with LOTS more memory and a magnitude quicker CPU still
runs a LOT slower (searching from users, calendar etc etc) and will only
run about 2-4 apps while the 9110 virtually had ALL installed apps

Can you say "Symbian is bloated"? A lot of people claim the Symbian is
the "Windows of the Phones" and in the size/speed/crash respect I'm
afraid they are 100% correct.

I've had a 7650 for a while now as I need the BT, MMS and camera for
projects, but for SMS, email, phonebook and calendar, the 9210 is still
my "real" phone (and I'd "downgrade" it to a 9110 any day given the

> IMHO, Nokia have been the best manufacturer when it comes to text input=
> T9 implementation and super quick process from wanting to send an SMS t=
> having it done.

Agreed, but the 9x10 mini-full keyboard is *WAY* faster still!

				/ Jonas
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