(keitai-l) Re: Usability on Japanese phones

From: Juergen Specht <js_at_nooper.com>
Date: 06/16/03
Message-ID: <7244806718.20030616200649@nooper.com>
> Recently, larger stores like Yodobashi etc are showing some "hot demo" units
> on display. These are almost fully-functioning handsets which you can try. I
> say "almost", because of course you can't make a call & browse, however you
> can play with the UI & basic functions (e.g. movie player in the case of AU)
> determine whether it basically suits you. This is certainly better than
> evaluating the dummy phones with the usual "tilt it this way see the smiling
> girl, and tilt this way to see the email client". Unfortunately only a few
> models are displayed as hot demos - hopefully this will turn into a trend
> with more models on offer in future.

You could test hot demos of new i-mode phones since years in bigger
DoCoMo shops. Not too sure about J-Phone and AU, though.

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