(keitai-l) Re: Cookies and modern keitai

From: Darren Cook <darren_at_dcook.org>
Date: 08/12/03
Message-ID: <3F389DB5.5090705@dcook.org>
>>If so I don't suppose anyone has an idea of percentage of active 
>>handsets that are cookie-enabled?
> Personally I would prefer not to have things (cookies) stored on my 
> phone that occupy memory as they would have to be grabbed off the phone 
> by the webpage - increasing network traffic and my phone bill. Far 
> better a phone sends an uid, and the rest happens server side....

PHP4 sessions will use cookies if available, otherwise insert a session id 
into all URLs. If a session ID has to be inserted into every URL then the 
html page will be bigger and it will use more packets than if using cookies.

But I'm more interested as to why a PHP mobile site running with 
use_trans_sid=0 (i.e. not inserting session ids into URLs) seems to have 
been working for some users.

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