(keitai-l) Re: i-mode (Europe) technical evolution

From: Mark Frieser <mark_at_consect.com>
Date: 09/04/03
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I have already commented on the 110 Euro report in a previous email - and if
you think that's a good price, well, ask me about AT&T's content owner
revenue splits and I'll tell you where you can send me my $200 :)

To your point on imode, think its a matter of cases really - imode is not at
fault whatsoever, but that was that it was introduced in Europe.

I think that there was a first mover disadvantage with KPN's launch, and
that learning curve hurt the public's perception of the standard and the
content - this has been much improved as the phones have become more
widespread and individual content providers and carriers have improved their
overall strategy.

Look at what has been done by Bougyes in France for an example of a good
implementation of imode in the EU.

And, as much as I love Nokia, I don't think you have to have Nokia handsets
to be successful... The NEC ones work just fine and are quite attractive.


On 9/4/03 10:11, "Benedict Evans" <ben@ben-evans.com> wrote:

> Are people really willing to pay $120 for data that DoCoMo will give for
> free if you spend 5 minutes on their web site? I'm in the wrong
> business!
> Vodafone takes around 40% of Vodafone Live! content charges. That will
> be $200 please ;-)
> I was never very convinced by European i-mode. As you say, a combination
> of poor handsets (no nokia, STN screens) and weak operators meant it got
> off to a bad start and never recovered. Cetainly, the head-start never
> materialised into a real advantage.
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> Hey,
> The DoCoMo's revenue split for payment commissions over the i-mode
> network. Commissions are split between DoCoMo's (as operator) and the
> content provider. I found these out
> http://www.statsmine.com/item.php?id=10141
> I am not too sure about SMS and MMS interoperability though,
> Hope that helps
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