(keitai-l) Re: SIM and J2ME

From: Joseph Luk <joe_at_josephluk.com>
Date: 09/24/03
Message-Id: <[email protected]>
Right.  So, in addition to echoing Curt and Gerhard's comments, I need 
to add another fact against thin mobiles: achieving adequate response 
time in the user interface is tough enough without having to go through 
multiple wireless layers and networks.  UI speed seems to have 
resurfaced as a significant issue in many areas of the 505's, as it was 
a few years ago when colour displays were just introduced without 
sufficiently quick drivers -- a sign that the industry still isn't 
including user interface response time requirements in its specs.

If you want to see the "utopia" of thin mobiles, check out the North 
American market.  When I returned last month, I was surprised to find 
that everything -- E-mail, IM (baaaad idea) is done through the 
browser, a process so painful that when I called to ask how to use it, 
the tech support rep said, "Oh, sure, I guess you're supposed to be 
able to do that, but you're the first person to ask ... could you 
please hold while I go get the manual?"  It's utterly unusable for a 
million and one reasons, and the uptake numbers prove that.

I realize nobody is saying putting an XWindows client on a phone is a 
good idea, but as a heuristic, fat seems to be better than thin....

On Wednesday, September 24, 2003, at 09:01  AM, Chris Wooldridge wrote:

> An alternative route to achieve the same end goal is for the network to
> become the phone interface.
> The idea is that the handset is essentially a thin-client.  The actual
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