(keitai-l) Re: J2ME on Japanese phones

From: Sam Joseph <sam_at_neurogrid.com>
Date: 10/05/03
Message-ID: <3F7FFEA2.2020301@neurogrid.com>
Shawn wrote:

> I've had people on J-Phone try, and the phone seems to not know what 
> to do
>> with the JAD file type (I have the correct MIME type set).
> Somebody correct me if I am wrong, but for J-Phone, don't the 
> downloads have to come from certain registered servers?

You are correct.

Spicy Vector is the only group who seem to be reliably providing 
download services for Vodaphone applis as far as I know.  I hear that 
the NEC service has been shut down, and there was rumour of another, but 
I don't remember the name.

As far as the spicy vector service goes you need to go through a fairly 
detailed online application process in Japanese, which makes things a 
little difficult for those with limited Japanese skills.

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