(keitai-l) Re: J2ME extensions ?

From: dc <dc_at_gamelet.com>
Date: 10/16/03
//  1. Anyone already know how larger will J2ME apps in
//  the near future ?

WCDMA = bigger and bigger...

//  2. From what I understood, this J2ME midlet can access
//  the phone data, which is not possible in the standard
//  MIDP profile. Is this possible thanks to custom
//  libraries ? Is this possible only for Vodafone phones,
//  or on other sellers' phones, too ?

already jphone (+doja3) apps have access to much secure data if signed - eg
postpet can get to the phone's address book, mailer functions. but the
"lookup last dialled numbers" seems like a special VF Xtension, just like
they had "read signal strength" and "read incoing caller ID" before, around
the time of the SH-07 and the ura-ra java machiuke. VF and D both jumped the
gun on midp2 signed midlets, but VF may converge back with the JSR specs...

BowLingual extension should be part of the VF api from now :-)


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