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Date: 10/24/03
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Give it some time! It's only been a week, which is much too short a time
for anyone to draw conclusions on N-Gage sales.

Also, the number is rather vague - less than 5,000. What does that mean?
4,999 is "less than 5,000" but so again is 1. They are also all "less than
a million"....

It took DoCoMo about a week to sell its first 5,000 I-mode handsets and
look where that has ended up. My point is not that this will become as
popular as I-mode, although I am not saying it won't, but that you can't
draw any conclusions from vague and early sales figures.

Still, at least Arcadia Research managed to get some publicity from


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Here is an interesting article:

"Less than 5,000 units of Nokia N-Gage hardware were sold
in the United States in the system's first week of release,
according to independent research firm Arcadia Research.
That figure takes into account all retail locations that sold the
N-Gage, including both videogame specialty retailers and
cellular phone retailers.

Full article:


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