(keitai-l) Re: N-Gage not selling well?

From: Giovanni Bertani <giovanni.bertani_at_exsense.com>
Date: 10/26/03
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this is quiet a news after just a 
week from the launch. If this is 
true N-Gage must be a real flop.

I really can't see why the N-Gage has been marketd as a games specific handset when it has the same graphic performance and display of the 7650 or 3650.

Giovanni Bertani

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On Fri, 24 Oct 2003 11:49:36 +0000 "vittorio nicolardi" <nicolardiv@hotmail.com> wrote:
>In the gaming community is spreading the rumor that nokia will drop the 
>price of the N-Gage from $299.99 to $199.99 in the States.
>Not confirmed yet by Nokia, but these guys are commonly very well 
>Vittorio Nicolardi
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>Hi Petri
>I agree with your e-mail it is toot early to see if N-Gage is success or a 
>But anyway
>One more doubt is if the N-Gage really goes after the operators
>1 - Games distribution is mainly physical and not OTA
>2 - Operator phone customisation is limited
>3 - Multiplayer gaming is mainly bluetooth based OTA is marginal 4 - No 
>camera is included so traffic generation will be probably limited 5 - DRM 
>OTA content download is not supported
>Under this point of view the 3650 or the 3660 are much more in line with 
>what the operators want.
>So this is a clear move to go after the users not the operators and also is 
>going to limit the joined marketing efforts similar to those we can
>with the 3650 (Tim-Nokia, Wind-Nokia).
>Between N-gage and 3650 the hardware differences are also minimal regarding 
>mainly the possibility (N-Gage) of using more than one button at the same 
>time for game playing and an optimised bluetooth for multiplayers.
>Not including hardware graphic acceleration has been a strange choice 
>leaving this possibility to the competitors.
>Venerd́, 24 Ott 2003, alle 10:44 Europe/Rome, Petri Ojala ha scritto:
>>>It is too early but any way we have not seen the exitement of the ps2 
>>The major advantage with PS2 was that it could also run PS1 games.
>>didn't need to wait for new games to arrive, they could just buy the unit,
>>continue to play the old games while waiting for new PS2 games.
>>There was also some life left with the old PS1 so it was more of an upgrade
>>than a new system.
>>GBA SP did the very same thing, it ran all the cames people had bought
>>the GBA and fixed the major flaws in the GBA.
>>All the rest have had a slow start.  Xbox did well only for the people
>>really wanted to play Halo, and MS did aggressive pricing much earlier than
>>ever before in the game system market.  In fact, even I bought a "cheap"
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