(keitai-l) Re: A question about email on phones in Japan

From: Bill Volk <bvolk_at_teknikcorp.com>
Date: 11/19/03
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You mean there's NO POP at the domain for the phone email address?  How
are they doing this?


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On Mon, 17 Nov 2003, Bill Volk wrote:

> Is there a POP I can use ... to read emails that have been sent to my
> phone ... on a standard desktop computer.


The solution I use for this is to have a special keitai address on my
domain (@cynic.net) that forwards the message to both my main inbox and
the @docomo.ne.jp address. Thus, I get a copy of every message to each.

Dealing with responses from the computer is easy; I have a role in
pine that detects mail to the address and sets the return address

Dealing with responses from the phone is a little more difficult.
Basically, I send all responses back to an address on my mail server
that feeds them into a script. This script removes the first line of the
body and puts that in the To: line, and then forwards the e-mail to that
address. (Well, there are some other security measures in place, too,
but I'm not going to get into those.)

This doesn't currently work for i-Shot mail, but I think I can probably
tweak it to work, and maybe even improve the i-shot mail somewhat.

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