(keitai-l) PHS Data services

From: Pavitra Krishnamurthy <pavitra_at_julysystems.com>
Date: 11/24/03
Message-ID: <9237E3CBCE780448B2DBECB8227424558E9D46@exchangeind.bcubedinc.com>
I am trying to find some information on data services on PHS. I read in
some old news clippings that PHS data services are available to users of
DDI Pocket and FiTel . Could anybody point me to some more information
on the kinds of services available? (I do not read any Asian languages
If possible, could you help me with some information on how these
services compare to data services over 2.5G/3G networks? Are the
services on offer similar? 
Your help is appreciated.

Received on Mon Nov 24 09:25:39 2003