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From: Joseph Bowbeer <jozart_at_blarg.net>
Date: 12/11/03
Message-ID: <[email protected]>
Isamar asks:

>For Docomo, Au and Vodafone, which audio formats can I use?

If you are asking specifically about formats suitable for voice, that would
rule out MFi and SMAF, which are the only formats supported by Docomo and
Vodafone, respectively.

According to the specs, KDDI/au supports QCELP in addition to SMAF.  QCELP
is suitable for voice.

Of course, the above is disregarding the (im)practicalities of email
attachments on these devices...

[ I posted a similar question last week but it never appeared... ]

The question that I posted last week concerned support for WaveTable and/or
PCM files in the 505i series.  According to http://505i.nttdocomo.co.jp some
models support WaveTable and some support PCM, so I assume you could play
one of these files in a browser.  But does anyone know if the DoJa API
provides a method to play these formats?  (If so, I can't find it.)

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From: "Isamar Maia" <isamar@oaklawn.co.jp>
Subject: Sound Files
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2003 21:45:47 +0900

I'm planning to make a simple application to send voice email to a keitai
user.  It would just consist in an audio file attached to an email...  For
PC, it's very simple and I can use .wav.  For Docomo, Au and Vodaphone,
which kind of audio format I could use?



From: Paul Lester <paul@thetamusic.com>

DoCoMo:  use MFi (version 2 or higher)
Vodaphone:  use SMAF (ma2, ma3 or ma5).
AU:  You can usually use SMAF (ma2, ma3 or ma5) but there are other options
like amc which is also used for video (and other formats for some older


From: Gerhard Fasol <fasol@eurotechnology.com>

You cannot send attachments to DoCoMo phones. You can send a link and users
can download from the link.

The image, sound and movie phones for Japanese phones vary by type and
carrier and you can find the details in the documentation of the phones.
Essentially all this information is on the internet easy to find.

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