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From: L. Cosh-Ishii, Wireless Watch Japan <lcosh-ishii_at_wirelesswatchjapan.com>
Date: 12/17/03
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For all who are interested in this thread;

Mobile FeliCa Trial Launch: Video Report
Posted on Wednesday, December 17 @ 18:05:00 JST

Wireless Watch Japan attended NTT DoCoMo's December 15 press conference
demonstrating the first phones to feature the Sony developed "Felica"
peer-to-peer payment system. To debit the cash stored on the phone's IC
chip, all you do is swipe the handset in front of a reader; more cash can be
downloaded via the i-mode network. The trial, using 2,500 each of the N504iC
and SO504iC handsets (engineered by NEC and Sony) will run from today and
until mid-2004, when full commercial service is expected to start. DoCoMo
have lined up 27 e-payment service providers, including banks, convenience
stores, TV broadcasters, game software publishers, and a retail ticketing
outlet. There are already 17 million Japanese happily using Felica-based IC
cards for train tickets and convenience store payments, many of whom have -
surprise! - cell phones. We think the synergy and revenue potential of the
two technologies is obvious - and so do DoCoMo's accountants. Watch our
first-on-the Web video report from Monday's press event - and rethink your
i-mode forecasts... Program Run-time 3:00 Windows Media or Real Player
Required to view.

> ZDNet has the story about Edy (not Eddy ;), Felica and other
> applications right here with pictures:
> http://www.zdnet.co.jp/mobile/0312/15/n_felica.html
> - Pay public transportations wireless
> - Tickets for concerts wireless
> - Payment (electronic money)
> - Loyalty cards (point systems ala Sakuraya)

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