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Date: 03/12/04
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MediaManager#getImage() will read all bytes from the
pos=5222 till it reaches a null.

Just ensure that you leave atleast one byte between two
images while storing into the scratchpad to read only
one image at a time.


On Thu, 11 Mar 2004 21:26:24 +0100, César Fernández

> Hello all,
> I had an application that use some images whose total
> size is greater 
> than 30k. To avoid this problem I store the images on
> the server as .gif 
> files. I want my application to download them. I can
> this, but in 
> order to avoid downloading the images each time the
> application executes 
> I want to store them in the scratch pad the first time
> the application 
> executes, and get the images from the scratch pad
> the first 
> execution. The problem is, how to get the images from
> the scratch pad 
> after theyre stored?
> Suppose I save 10 gifs on the scratch pad. I know the
> size of each gif, 
> so I can use this information to get each image, like
> this
> MediaImage mi =
> MediaManager.getImage("scratchpad:///0;pos=5222");
> But I am not sure of what is stored at mi.  Only one
> image or all the 
> bytes after position 5222 ??? Because if only the
> saved at 
> position 5222 is stored at mi, the problem is solved,
> but I am not sure 
> if things are done this wa or mi gets all the bytes in
> the scratch pad 
> after position 5222.
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