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From: David Harper <dharper_at_wirelessink.com>
Date: 03/26/04
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>> Your attitude is a kind of "reverse luddism". Bizzare seems about 
>> right.

I just don't think forcing web pages or documents designed for a larger 
screen into a small screen as anything significant. This type of 
approach is tiresome and a step if not backwards then at least to the 
side. I'm all for options but the user experience will surely suffer as 
flaws in that model become glaringly apparent with meaningful use - we 
have been there before.  Your post provided me the opportunity to 
express MY OPINION. I stand by my comments.

"Reverse luddism" - guess I'll take that as a compliment.


On Thu, 25 Mar 2004 9:40pm, nick may wrote:
>>  Most of the world experiences the Internet on mobile devices - why
>>  should they have to settle for experiences not designed for the 
>> format.
> ... "settle for" !?
> be able to access data in legacy format - in ADDITION to mobile only
> format.
> and yes - lots of users DO want that - and DON'T want to be put in a
> ghetto of "new uses only"
> remember that email/sms are the killer apps on keitai.
>>  Don't think anyone even implied that. Perhaps you missed the point 
>> that
>>  was being made.
>   No - I think I got the point pretty clearly. "Settle for"
> characterises your attitude quite succinctly.
>>  I love the word bizzare. Are done with this yet?
> Your attitude is a kind of "reverse luddism". Bizzare seems about 
> right.
> Nick
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