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From: Gerhard Fasol <fasol_at_eurotechnology.com>
Date: 04/03/04
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Yes. i-appli's have access to location.
The railway norikae appli automatically selects
the closed railway station as the starting point.

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Sam Joseph wrote:
> Hi All,
> I'm wondering if Foma supports any location based information that could 
> be used by a java game.  I just downloaded the Doja3.5 emulator and docs 
> from docomo
> but can't see anything to strongly indicate this would be so.  I ask 
> because although 3G does not include GPS by default - I thought that 3G 
> often included support for some degree of location based services - 
> either via cells, or triangulation.  I know docomo has their i-area 
> service which sounds like it is cell based, but does anybody know of any 
> location information that can be accessed in the Foma JVM?

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