(keitai-l) Re: location based gaming

From: Mathieu Castelli <mathieu_at_newtgames.com>
Date: 04/08/04
Message-ID: <[email protected]>
> why havent you done the game for brew phones? my understanding is that
> many verizon phones have GPS api...
We have been working on BREW, and we paused at 80% of the way a few months
ago. We're waiting for the first WIN-BREW phone to go all the way. Already
85% of our users are WIN. It's just too expensive otherwise. Since the dev
team is always stretched were waiting for the KDDI announcement that will
put this back in top priority.

> deck placement? brew model has no way to get on-menu without spending
> much time/money on QC/NSTL etc? your french heritage p-)
Oui ! Que diable ! It is really too closed. We're french AND open-source
advocates (dirty mix) and to ask someone to quit linux and work under Visual
Studio is some task I wish on nobody !
And the submission process is unending, costly...all good reasons to make a
bad decision and halt the BREW dvpment until they release the WIN one.

One thing I did ask the list back then was if the delay was due to the
sockets abilites of BREW. Remember that KDDI limited to 8 http requests per
minute for java3 apps on WIN, which really is cheating customers our of
their flat fee contract. So opening sockets might be something they wanted
to be cautious with. And I don't know how much Q would let them modify the
BREW specs to protect their network.

> kddi commitment to selling java handsets seems to wane by the day and
> the users on that network for some reason dont seem to pull down/buy as
> much downloadable content (weird, as they are younger than docomo, and
> the carrier is growing quickly and other services like chaku-uta have
> gone nuts).
I agree with KDDI definitive trend towards BREW. We're just winning a few
months here. But at the same time, the other two countries we're concretly
involved in, China and Korea, seem to be moving from BREW a little bit.
Unicom launching his java portal, KTF commiting to WIPI...

> good meeting you at GDC btw. I never knew you moonlighted handing out
> flyers in roppongi, it all adds up now :)
Good meeting you indeed. I thought you were very talented at managing the
diversity of the people who attended your mobile business workshop.

As for Roppongi, wait till we meet again and I tell you my job for the
second part of the evening, once the club got full  !
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