(keitai-l) Re: location based gaming

From: Ryan Shaw <ryanshaw_at_SIMS.Berkeley.EDU>
Date: 04/10/04
Message-ID: <40776BE3.9090305@sims.berkeley.edu>
Ken Chang wrote:

> one observation is that people play on-line games for long hours, 
> a luxury they usually don't have on the move.  so the games should 
> be attractive when played in short sessions, thus limits designs. 

I think you're right on track. One answer might be "pervasive games"-- 
games that continue/evolve over a long period of time (encouraging 
obsessive play and a lucrative business model) but that can be played in 
short bursts, interwoven with one's daily routine, through whatever 
communication technology happens to be at hand.

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