(keitai-l) Voda network

From: dc <dc_at_wm.namco.co.jp>
Date: 04/13/04
Message-Id: <20040413194305.2A3E.DC@wm.namco.co.jp>
question -

What network are the vodafone 3G phones (V801/SH801) using overseas?

I guess in japan they are on Wcdma (when the little 3G icon lights up)
and 2.5G packet/"PDC" otherwise.

The 801 series seem to roam overseas really well, but are they on GPRS
I didn't think the 3G networks were that built up in europe, but the
signal has seemed pretty good.

And conversely if the devices have GPRS, that seems like a big waste of
money since its no use in japan - or is the vodafone (~20k down) packet
network basically compatible with GPRS enough to make it possible to
switch? (I guess their old 9.6k PDC network was circuit based).

If a phone is WCMDA, is it a trivial add to make it also GPRS capable? I
thought that was a major selling point for Qualcomm that the GPRS->WCMDA
jump didnt allow any overlays or sharing of network technology. it was
basically all new basestations, and all new phones...

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