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From: John Whelan <john.whelan_at_alatto.com>
Date: 05/28/04
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RBT Replaces ringing tone heard by caller before call connects with audio
content selected by the person being called. Ringback tone is unfortunate
nomenclature hence launches to date have branded as Colorring, caller tunes,
sound logo, etc.

To quote Yankee Group:
"Calling tones, ringing tones, ring-back tones and reverse ringtones are
competing names for a service that will quickly sweep across Europe from
Asia in 2004, and arrive in the U.S. by 2005."


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> Since I didn't receive any response to this question would I be right in
> thinking this service from DoCoMo hasn't had much take up at all? We have

	What is a ringback tone service?
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