(keitai-l) Re: Can any of the dual GSM/CDMA phones be used overseas on other networks ?

From: <Martyn_Williams_at_idg.com>
Date: 06/18/04
Message-ID: <[email protected]m>

The V801SH and V801SA are both SIM locked to Vodafone Japan USIMs. There is
no unlocking at present and even some question about whether the phones can
be unlocked or are hard-coded to Vodafone.

They can of course be used on non-Vodafone networks, but only via
Vodafone's roaming service.

The only phone that Vodafone cells that works here and can be unlocked is
the Nokia 6650, but people will laugh at you with that one.

As for the contractless phone, I'm not sure about the V801SH but my V801SA
won't let me get into the video, audio or Java menus without a Vodafone
Japan SIM card inserted.


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