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From: James John McGuire <jamesmc9999_at_dada-dada-da.com>
Date: 07/01/04
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As a follow-up to my own question.  I guess for newer phones, the battery
and the battery inset will have some 'dots', that have a checkerboard
coloring.  It seems that if one of the dots becomes a solid color (alas, as
in my case) it is indeed toast.  This info is from a Japanese co-worker, so
some things may be lost in translation.

Living and learning the hard way...


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Yesterday, I tried to give my keitai a quick rinse cleaning, while it was
still on.... Hmmnn.  Not a good idea.  Hindsight is wonderful isn't it?

Anyways, today when I can actually get it turn on, it gives it's rendition
of an epileptic fit and then turns off.  Is it toast? Or is there a way for
it to become a happy camper again?

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