(keitai-l) Re: Question concerning barcodes on a Keitai

From: Christopher Kobayashi <chriskk_at_gmail.com>
Date: 07/25/04
Message-ID: <cd896f68040724195758f2bd19@mail.gmail.com>
> I think the 2D barcode is quite robust, readable when stained or
> with a corner cut. 

I played with one of the new AU keitais at Wireless Japan the other
day. The QRCode reader seemed really solid, and easy to use. I think
it was 2 buttons to start. Something like middle menu button, and then
start QRCode reader. The screen would go into camera mode, and as soon
as it crossed over a QRCode it would grab it automagically. No button
pushing to take a shot. Your hand didn't need to be really steady.
Just aim it toward one.
I guess the reader needs to do this so when you point your keitai
toward a giant poster AD, it would easily grab the info.

Is this how most of the recent keitai readers work?

Received on Sun Jul 25 05:57:54 2004