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This GeoCaching thing sounds cool, but unfortunately I only found one for
Osaka, and all the comments lead me to believe that its not actually there.

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> Also, anyone into GeoCaching?
>  What's that?

GeoCaching is a "sport"/"treasure hunt game." Someone places a "cache" 
at specific geo coordinates (A "cache" can be a treasure - take one, leave
one or a journal/log book to be signed - "I found it!. I was here!" etc.),
then publishes "clues" and geo data as to it's location. 
Others then use a gps-enabled device to zero in and find the cache. 
While "GeoCaching" can be enjoyed on an individual basis for fun/exercise,
competitions can also be organized among multiple participants where a time
limit comes into play (or a series of caches each pointing to the next.)
More information can be found at www.geocaching.com
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