(keitai-l) Invitation to 2 free Mobile Monday Events in Tokyo, 13.09.04 & 04.10.04

From: Jan Michael Hess <jan_at_mobileeconomy.de>
Date: 09/03/04
Message-Id: <E1C3FcG-0007hr-00@mobiliser.org>
Dear keitai-l members,

the HP Bazaar team (www.hpbazaar.com) and the Mobile 
Intelligence Tour organisers (www.mobileeconomy.de/mit) 
have teamed up to organise 2 Mobile Monday Events in the 
Pink Cow in Shibuya (www.thepinkcow.com). We are happy
to invite you to join Mobile Monday in Tokyo.

The Mobile Monday is a free event open to any mobile
company or individual. In Finland it is very successful

Food and drinks are free until the budget provided by 
HP is gone. Then you can buy some discounted drinks.

The dates in Toyko are:
Mobile Monday, 13 September, 19:00 - 22:00 or longer
Focus: Mobile Multiplayer Games

Mobile Monday, 4 October, 19:00 - 22:00 or longer
Focus: 3G rocking Mobile Music and Video

Regarding 13 September focus:
Mobile games are already big in Japan, but there is still 
room to grow on the multiplayer side. Multiplayer gaming 
has long been a mobile promise yet to be fulfilled. This 
year, the conditions have seriously improved. Data traffic 
prices are dropping, developers started projects, game 
platforms have matured and operators start pushing new 
business opportunities. But most importantly, consumers 
are waiting. Come and get an update on the latest 
developments in this from the industry leaders. 

Jeroen Elfferich from Ex Machina will present: 
"Multiplayer Games: From Niche To Mass Market".

There are 2 more speaker slots available and if you
have an interesting multiplayer story/demo to tell
and show, then mailto:nina.nordlund@hpbazaar.com asap.

Regarding 4 October focus:
Mobile Music and Video are driving 3G. As many of
you know Chaku Uta is the number 1 3G service in
Tokyo. Daniel Scuka and myself will make sure that
some excellent experts on Mobile Music and Video
will present to you.

To register:
Please mailto:nina.nordlund@hpbazaar.com and provide
your contact information, such as name, company, and email.
You can also go to www.hpbazaar.com/events and scroll
down. However, confirmation is done by SMS which is
not working for you in Tokyo. So rather do it by email.

Nina and Larry will be at Mobile Monday on 13 Sep.

Nina, Larry, Daniel, myself and our MIT group of 
participants will be at 4 Oct.

I hope that many of you will show up. Please
forward this email to anybody enjoying Mobile Monday.

If you have any questions or ideas you can also
get in touch with me.

Best regards from Berlin,


Jan Michael Hess, CEO, Mobile Economy
Mobile: +49.176.21208417
Fixed:  +49.30.24723903

Mobile Intelligence Tour to Tokyo - 3-8 Oct 2004
Received on Fri Sep 3 18:04:46 2004