(keitai-l) Re: A few questions on Docomo Videophone service

From: Michael Sydenham <michael_at_bxb.com.au>
Date: 09/24/04
Message-ID: <002b01c4a1fc$2d099610$0501a8c0@ToshibaLaptop>
I'll have a go at answering this .. my memory is hazy

> 1. you are notified of an incoming video call - can you 
> choose between accepting as voice call or video call ?


> 2. can you change from a video call to a voice call mid-call ?

> 3. what happens if you make a video call to another 
> videophone that is engaged/out of range ?  do you get an 
> option to leave a videomail or voicemail message ?

I'd say voicemail only, since there is no videomail service (at least
that I'm aware of) & normally the recipient has to pickup and accept the
video call to enable incoming video service, so if they aren't picking
up there is no video service established.
> 4. do you dial a different phone number to make a video call 
> or is it the same number as dialling a voice call ?

Same number.


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