(keitai-l) OT: Sony Ericsson s700

From: Jason Fields <jason_at_air-port.com>
Date: 10/06/04
Message-Id: <[email protected]>
I am looking to buy a Sony Ericsson s700 (for USA)... and the SE  
developer site has then for $680... I am on a shoestring budget, but  
still need one of these phones for some testing I am doing at a startup  
company I am consulting with.

I have contacted a few people at Sony Ericsson in product management  
and have gotten little to no response on getting a handset... I am  
wondering if any of you on this list either have access to get me one  
through a connection. or have one and will sell it to me... I dont have  
the $680 which is the caveat to this whole thing...

I am offering this startup my Usability and User Experience Testing  
services and they only have a few hundred to pay me, so I thought they  
could cover the cost of the phone... or at least part of it...

Please advise... I know your all very well connected and so thats why I  
ask... You can contact me off list to minimize the bandwidth use...

Jason Fields.

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