(keitai-l) Re: mobile phones killing iPod (was "iPod killing Mobile Phones")

From: nick may <nick_at_kyushu.com>
Date: 10/23/04
Message-Id: <23581410-24D8-11D9-8057-00039377A93A@kyushu.com>
> On Oct 23, 2004, at 11:21 AM, Gerhard Fasol wrote:
> Actually, the most important factor are not the
> technical specs but what people want!

True - with the proviso that what they want may not be what they THINK 
they want.

People (probably) want music on their keitai without hassle.  People 
want to be able to download music. But that does not mean they actually 
want wirelesly to download to their keitai... ('though they may say 
they do...)

The cost of downloading wirelessly to a keitai is going to be greater 
than downloading wirelessly or over broadband for some time to come. 
What stops people downloading now is 1) little opportunity to do it 
legally 2) difficulty in putting it on their keitai. By difficulty I 
mean we are not yet at the "not too difficult for a complete idiot" 
level of ease of use...

Now - we will get network download to keitai only when the DRM is 
sorted out (part technical, part the Music biz biting the bullet). But 
when the DRM is sorted out, it will shortly after be "sorted out" for 
other systems too - like itunes. (Moto already has a deal with Apple to 
run an itunes lite on their phones. ) And at that point, downloading to 
an intermediate box (like a wireless ipod - surely "coming soon", or 
through a desktop/itunes) and then syncing with a keitai is going to 
represent a better financial proposition for the user in terms of 
bandwidth cost, the existence of a backup, etc etc.

A model that WILL work, I suspect, is being able to hears snippets of 
music through a keitai, order it through the keitai, and then 
optionally download it through other means (wifi or wired broadband). 
That caters for the "I'm bored on the bus" user and keeps bandwidth 
costs low. Trouble is, that is a model least likely to be of interest 
to the phone networks for as long as they try to make money from 

Does anyone have an idea of the actual cost to docomo or one of the 
other operators of a 7meg download? (including the cost of making more 
bandwidth available on the netowork). How long would it take in the 
averagely congested cell?


BTW - are you Tokyo people alright? (6.8 quake, I hear...)
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